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Happy Women's Day

Today is 8th March, just another day except that today is women’s day. Women’s day started as a Socialist political movement but over time it has changed to a day when it’s celebrated as a sign of respect and love to women across the world. Women’s day is all about respecting and caring for women around you. Take some time to wish and appreciate women in your life. Not that you shouldn’t love them on any ordinary day. All I’m saying is –It’s their day. Make it special just like you do on someone’s birthday.

Give a call or pay a visit to your mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, colleague or any women who has stood by you and supported you through the ups and downs of your life. Don’t let this pass like just another day. Wish them. Tell them that you are thankful to them; I guarantee you their smile –a beautiful smile in return.

I called my mother, wished her, and made her smile. Did you?

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