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Things I have learned (So Far)

Today when I opened my blog on Quora, I saw a draft of this post that I had written some six months post to my first job. The learnings I had moving from college to corporate.

Things I have learned (So Far)

I graduated from my college almost six months back. The last six months have been exciting in many ways. The transition from being a college student to a full-time corporate employee has been enlightening. In this post I will talk about some of the things which I've learnt... so far.


Just few days after my college, I traveled for some 20 days and those days were some of the good days I'll always cheer. Uttarakhand is beautiful.

Talk to people

People are interesting. Every person has something interesting to share, something that makes you feel happy. Try to live the happiness of others by experiencing how their happiness makes you feel. You would be able to relate something from their reasons for happiness.


Well, I won’t say I am a hardcore trekker- someone how has got a all his gadgets ready to hop on for next trek. But I’ve trekked around Bangalore a few times. And man! You get to know so much about people. If you want to know about a person, know some of his truest qualities, go on a long trek with him.

Smile and laugh

Office gets boring sometimes, the work gets bland. You get the feeling right? You don’t hate your job but sometimes you just feel aaj kaam na ho paaega yaar office me , that time, a thought of only a few of your office friends make you come to the office. Those people are mostly who smile and talk to people.

The Guitarest oh sorry I meant The Greatest!

Guitar is happiness. Think about your happiness. What makes you happy? There would be some activity in your daily life which you truly adore doing. Know the feeling I’m talking about. Guitar is that feeling to me.

More on this soon.

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