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Yaadon ki chuskiya

Recently, my friend, Tushar had come to Bangalore to visit me and Rahul before he left for the US for his Masters. He was here for a weekend. We intended to visit places around Bangalore. And we ended up visiting Lal Bagh. I know you are judging me right now ...

The essence of music in my life

Photo of music channel

Guitar is cool. I reckon from my childhood when seeing someone play guitar in movies inspired a sense of great appreciation for the character playing it. Remember Hrithik from the movie Kaho na pyaar hai. I always wondered how does one play this instrument.

I loved listening to songs. Sonu ...

Coldplay-Fix you | Ghar aa jaao

Last month on a mundane weekend, I was practicing this song - Fix you by Coldplay when my friend, Dipu came to the room. He stood there for some time to understand what I was trying to play. I am not that pro on guitar yet. Chances are you may want ...