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Pre-Placement Talk Snippets

I'd attended PPTs (Pre-placement Talks) of almost all the companies I'd interest in during my placement time. Many students find attending PPTs a waste of time. I was not one of them.

I liked attending PPTs. I felt they gave me continuous motivation to be consistent in my ...

The Placement Season

The placement season is back. Nothing new, it comes every year but may be...this is new for you and I'm talking to those who're about to witness probably the most important phase of their college life.

First things first. I'll start with a disclaimer - "Everything written ...

The Walmart Interview

Now that you are reading this, I’ll assume that you are someone looking for an opportunity of placement or an internship. Go ahead and read. You have a long journey to cover.

I was offered a job of Statistical Analyst at WalmartLabs. Let me guide you through their placement ...