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Improve runtime of Random Forest in R

There are two ways one can write the code to train a random forest model in R. Both the ways are listed below.

A normal and frequent way of writing the command to train the random forest model is something like this.

rfModel <- randomForest(Survived~. , data = trainSample[, -c(6, 8 ...

Shell commands come in handy for a data scientist

I am no expert of shell commands. I have been using them for quite some time and thought I give an attempt to list down the most common commands. I am writing these mostly from the perspective of a data-science guy. Let us get started.

I will use the file- ...

ROC and AUC - The three lettered acronyms

I don't feel bad to confess this that ROC curve, AUC, True-positive and related terms took quite some time for me to understand. If today I contemplate on the reasons why I found this topic confusing. The first would be there are not many resources that explains intuitively what ...

Vim/Vi editor shortcuts

Repetitive tasks should be done using as many shortcuts as possible. You are not doing anything new and hence not even an extra minute should be spent on doing the same. This post refers to the shortcuts that come in handy when working on the vi/vim editor.

This is ...

The Big Data Problem

Big data has become a sensation these days. Anyone and everyone wants to use this in their discussions. When I was still in my college and preparing for campus placements, I had attended almost all the pre-placement talks that companies gave to its prospective candidates.

American Express was one such ...